AstroFlav IsoMix 28srv

AstroFlav IsoMix 28srv

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AstroFlav IsoMix 28srv

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  • IsoMix™ is the purest whey protein isolate. It’s ultra-fast digesting and absorbing for superior muscle recovery support after intense training or anytime of day. Every serving of IsoMix™ is jam-packed with essential amino acids (EAAs), including branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which help trigger muscle protein synthesis for superior strength and increased muscle gains. Don’t settle for less than “ultra-clean” IsoMix™, made with MCT oil powder and organic agave inulin fiber instead of inferior inflammatory thickening agents. Plus, the Out of This World Flavor™ and easy mixability makes every scoop of IsoMix™ an interstellar experience.

    Directions: Pour 8-10 oz of your preferred beverage. Add 1 serving of IsoMix to your shaker cup. (Mixes great even with a spoon)



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