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Allmax Isoflex 2lb

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Isoflex 2lb 2-Pack (Mix & Match Flavors)


What You Need To Know


Sometimes, the hype is real. Such is the case with protein, which somehow might still be underrated when it comes to how much it helps with muscle recovery. If you perform any type of exercise, especially high intensity resistance training regularly, the benefits of protein are undeniable. Now, the question isn’t whether you should take protein for general health or muscle recovery, but, rather, just how many ways quality protein can help. For athletes, protein is going to be the staple of your diet providing monstrous benefits in muscular recovery, improvements in athletic performance, enhancing strength and lean muscle gains, and even lead to a stronger immune system. When you perform any type of resistance training, you create little micro-tears in your muscles. This is a good thing because when those tear recover, your muscle grows and becomes stronger. Proteins help repair damaged muscle tissue and build new lean tissue as part of your body’s adaptive process. In other words, lifting weight and protein are the PB & J of your muscle building sandwich.

Isoflex is a sensational 100% Whey Isolate protein based around 3 concepts - Only the highest quality protein and ingredients, superlative purity, and delectable flavors. Allmax utilizes a unique protein extraction technology called Hybrid-Ratio Ion-Filtration, a dual isolate purification process which allows for a truly superior ultra-pure Whey Protein Isolate with an exceptionally high protein yield. And the flavors.... flavors that range from delicious Chocolate and Vanilla, all the way to scrumptious Birthday Cake, Cinnamon French Toast, and Orange Dreamsicle, Isoflex will feel more like a true indulgence rather than a protein shake.

* 27 grams of high quality Whey Isolate Protein

* Zero Sugars and fats

* Incredible flavors

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Gluten & Soy free

Directions: Combine one 30g scoop of ISOFLEX protein powder with 1/2 cup, or 120 ml of water, juice or milk (most choose water or skim milk), depending on your preference, at any time during the day that you need a protein boost. Most athletes with elevated protein requirements double each serving with 2 scoops of ISOFLEX with about 1 cup (300 ml of water) providing 54 grams of pure protein. Most bodybuilders are aware that high levels of protein consumption are critical to their success. Most will aim for 1.5-3g of protein per pound of body weight daily depending on the intensity and frequency of their training and space their consumption throughout the day. ISOFLEX mixes well in a shaker cup but can be combined with other ingredients in a blender as a smoothie too.

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