Inaka Pump V2 25srv

Inaka Pump V2 25srv

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Inaka Pump V2 25srv

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  • Fellow gym-goers, let's talk about "the pump." No, we're not talking about pumping up your bike tires or inflating a pool float. We're talking about that amazing feeling you get when your muscles swell up like balloons during a workout! That's right, "the pump" is what every gym-goer strives for, and for a good reason. Not only does it make you look jacked and feel like a superhero, but it can also enhance your exercise performance and maximize your muscle gains.

    So, why is "the pump" so important? Well, when you're lifting weights, blood rushes to your muscles, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen, which leads to increased endurance, better recovery, and improved muscle growth. Plus, let's be real, feeling like the Incredible Hulk can give you a boost of confidence that can help you push through those last few reps and crush your workout goals. So, let's chase that pump, and let the gains begin!

    Inaka Pump V2

    Get ready to experience the ultimate pump with INAKA POWER™ X JACKED ITALIAN! This dynamic collaboration from Inaka brings together the best of both worlds to give you an unparalleled workout experience. With 5,000mg of L-Citrulline, your muscles will be engorged with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients, giving you that coveted muscle pump and power. But that's not all! This pump formula also packs 2.5g of Creatine, which will give you the strength and power boost you need to push through even the toughest of workouts.

    But wait, there's more! INAKA POWER™ X JACKED ITALIAN Pump also contains 1,500mg of Glycersize and 750mg of Nitrosigine, which work together to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to your muscles, improving their performance and endurance. And let's not forget the 1,500mg of Betaine Anhydrous, which helps to increase force production and add strength to every set, and 1,000mg of Taurine, which can help to reduce muscle damage and fatigue. All of these powerful ingredients are combined with 230mg of VasoDrive-AP, which can help to lower blood pressure and improve vascular function, allowing you to achieve the pump of your dreams!

    * Monstrous muscle pumps

    * Intense muscle fullness

    * Boost strength, power, and force output

    * Increase intracellular hydration

    * Increase muscle recovery 

    Directions: Mix 1 Scoop with water, shake well, drink 10-15 minutes prior to beginning activities.


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