HD Muscle Intra HD 40srv

HD Muscle Intra HD 40srv

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HD Muscle Intra HD 40srv

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  • If you're an athlete or consistent gym-goer, you've seen your share of great days and not so great days. Even though you're sticking to a healthy diet and following your well thought out workout routine, sometimes, you just don't seem to have the energy for that big lift, hitting a new personal best on the 40 yard dash, or run a few more miles. You may also be lagging in making progress and reaching your goals. This slowdown in progress might be attributed to a variety of factors, one of which is what you are doing during your workouts.

    One crucial element that is often overlooked is what to take during your workout to maximize performance and recovery. This is where intra-workout supplements can make a drastic difference. Intra workout supplements have been scientifically proven to improve an athlete's performance when taken regularly. They work by helping the body maintain a positive nitrogen balance and supplying the muscles with the right nutrients to rebuild and grow stronger. This means that you will see better results in terms of strength, size, and endurance when you take them. In addition, these supplements help the body refuel and rebuild after a strenuous workout, leading to better performance in the future.

    IntraHD by HD Muscle starts off with a whopping 10 grams of all 9 EAAs (essential amino acids) to maximize protein synthesis, enhance muscle growth, boost muscle endurance, and decrease recovery time. Now, this is where IntraHD really starts to shine! On top of the powerful dose of EAAs and BCAAs, this formula also contains a clinical dose of PeakO2 -- an adaptogenic blend consisting of 6 organic-certified medicinal mushrooms/cordyceps that have been scientifically proven to increase time to exhaustion by increasing your VO2 max, heighten performance and power, enhance oxygen utilization, and decrease lactate build-up.

    Now, add a clinical dose of L-Taurine for intracellular hydration and peak muscle contractions, along with high amounts of electrolytes and Coconut Water for better hydration and performance, and you have a robust formula that will aid in helping you to push past your last rep, shaving time of your best sprint, boost overall endurance and time to exhaustion so you can push harder and longer, and jump start your muscle recovery protocol! 

    * 10 grams of EAAs per serving

    * Boost your VO2 max and time to exhaustion

    * Enhance muscle recover and decrease muscle soreness

    * Increase intracellular hydration

    * Increase peak power and muscle endurance

    * Boost hydration and peak muscle contractions

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix one or two scoops with 10-16 oz of cold water and consume during exercise on training days and throughout the day on non-training days. Read entire label before use.


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