Gorilla Mind HydroPrime 80srv

Gorilla Mind HydroPrime 80srv

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Gorilla Mind HydroPrime 80srv

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  • HydroMax Glycerol has gained a ton of popularity for its ability to enhance performance and provide incredible muscle pumps during workouts. Glycerol is a naturally occurring compound that acts as a potent osmolyte, meaning it can attract and hold water molecules. When ingested, HydroMax Glycerol is rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the body, where it attracts water from the extracellular space into the muscle cells. This process, known as hyperhydration, leads to increased cell volume and improved hydration status, which can significantly impact performance.

    The enhanced hydration of muscle cells allows for better nutrient delivery, improved endurance, and reduced perception of effort during workouts. As a result, athletes and fitness enthusiasts experience increased strength, power, and overall performance capacity. Additionally, the improved hydration and cell volume contribute to better nutrient uptake, aiding in muscle recovery and reducing the risk of cramping and dehydration during intense training sessions.

    Moreover, the increased blood flow to the muscles results in intense and long-lasting muscle pumps, giving athletes that sought-after feeling of fullness and vascularity during their workouts. Whether you're lifting weights, doing cardio, or engaging in high-intensity interval training, HydroMax Glycerol can take your performance to the next level, providing you with the energy and pump needed to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals.

    Gorilla Mind HydroPrime

    Gorilla Mind HydroPrime® sets itself apart as a superior form of Glycerol Powder, providing more pumps without the clumps. Unlike traditional Glycerol Powders, HydroPrime® offers a stable and smooth consistency, delivering a high Glycerol yield per gram of powder. This means users can experience the performance-enhancing benefits of powdered Glycerol with a more manageable and mixable amount of powder. In comparison to the old powdered Glycerol Monostearate, HydroPrime® eliminates the gritty texture and the need for large amounts of powder to achieve a meaningful dose, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts seeking an efficient and effective solution.

    The benefits of Glycerol in enhancing pumps and performance are well-established. Glycerol's ability to hyper-hydrate muscles with water results in increased muscle volume and vascularity, supporting better nutrient delivery and improved mind-muscle connection during workouts. By preventing a drop in osmolarity, Glycerol can extend the hyper-hydration effect in the muscles for up to four hours when added to water. This enhanced hydration is crucial for optimizing exercise performance, as even a 2% loss in fluids can lead to a substantial decrease in performance. Glycerol supplementation has been shown to increase endurance by up to 24% and improve aerobic and anaerobic power. While most pre-workouts contain Glycerol in relatively low dosages, HydroPrime® allows for higher dosages without the clumping issues, providing intense pumps and superior endurance support.

    Another advantage of Glycerol supplementation is its impact on plasma volume and thermoregulation. By increasing plasma volume, Glycerol supports enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles during exercise, leading to improved exercise capacity and delayed onset of fatigue during prolonged activity. Additionally, the greater volume of blood from increased plasma volume aids in dissipating heat more effectively, helping to regulate body temperature during exercise. This can be particularly beneficial during intense workouts or in hot and humid environments. Gorilla Mind HydroPrime® can be used as a standalone supplement or stacked with any of their other pre-workouts for an even more potent additive effect, providing users with an optimal solution for enhancing performance, pumps, and endurance.

    * Significantly enhances pumps and performance by hyper-hydrating the muscles

    * More vascularity, better mind-muscle connection, and improved nutrient delivery to muscles

    * Increase plasma volume, supporting enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery during exercise

    * Helps regulate body temperature during workouts, delaying the onset of fatigue during prolonged exercise

    * HydroPrime® allows for higher dosages of Glycerol without the clumping issues

    Directions: Mix 1-2 scoops (5-10g) of Gorilla Mode HydroPrime® in 10-20 oz of water and consume 30 minutes prior to training.

    For training sessions lasting more than 2 hours, mix an additional 1-2 scoops (5g-10g) in 10-20 oz of water and consume during the workout.

    Do not exceed 1.2 g/kg of body weight in any 24 hour period. E.G. for someone who weighs 185 lbs (83.9 kg), the maximum 24 hour Glycerol dose would be 100g.


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