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Allmax Glutamine Powder 400Grams

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Glutamine is a versatile amino acid that offers a multitude of benefits for athletes. As the most abundant amino acid in the body, it plays a critical role in immune function, helping athletes ward off illness and maintain consistent training regimens. Glutamine also aids in muscle recovery by reducing muscle soreness and promoting the repair of exercise-induced damage. Additionally, it supports the synthesis of muscle protein, which is essential for muscle growth and maintenance. Athletes engaged in intense training can experience a drop in glutamine levels, potentially leading to overtraining and a weakened immune system. Supplementation with glutamine can help restore these levels, providing a buffer against the stresses of rigorous exercise and contributing to improved overall performance and well-being.

Allmax Glutamine Powder 400 Grams

Allmax Glutamine Powder is your go-to solution for harnessing the numerous benefits of this vital amino acid. Glutamine offers a multitude of advantages, including the promotion of protein synthesis and muscle growth. Acting as a cell volumizer, it aids in muscle hydration, a crucial factor for growth and repair. Furthermore, glutamine's positive impact on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract cannot be understated. It serves as a primary energy source for GI tract cells and supports GI tract healing. Allmax's pure l-glutamine powder is made from all-natural ingredients and rigorously lab-tested, ensuring you receive the finest quality l-glutamine powder available in the industry. Whether you're looking to enhance muscle growth, support GI health, or aid in post-workout recovery, Allmax Glutamine Powder has you covered.

* Boost muscle recovery

* Reduce muscle soreness

* Supports optimal immune function

* Aids in muscle hydration

* Enhance muscle growth

Directions: Mix 1 rounded teaspoon or scoop (5 grams) of Allmax Glutamine in water or juice once daily. For training sessions or athletic events, take Allmax Glutamine approximately 30 minutes prior to training and immediately after training to help prevent muscle tissue breakdown and aid muscle recovery. *At times when you are not training, mix 1 rounded teaspoon or scoop (5 grams) of Allmax Glutamine in water or juice approximately 45-60 minutes prior to meals.To increase the benefit of other supplements, Allmax Glutamine can be mixed into protein shakes such as Allmax IsoFlex and during training with Allmax Carbion and AminoCore.

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