Glaxon Anomoly 180Caps

Glaxon Anomoly 180Caps

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Glaxon Anomoly 180Caps

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  • Maintaining muscle mass while shredding or cutting, is a delicate balancing act that requires strategic nutrition and exercise. To achieve this goal, it's crucial to create a moderate caloric deficit, typically by reducing daily calorie intake, while still providing your body with enough energy and nutrients to support muscle retention. Prioritize a high-protein diet to supply essential amino acids that aid in muscle repair and preservation. Implement resistance training routines that emphasize compound exercises and progressive overload, ensuring your muscles receive the stimulus they need to stay active and robust.

    Now, what if there was a supplement formula that could help optimize this goal so you can drop body fat and maintain peak amount of lean muscle mass, leaving you absolutely peeled?? 

    Glaxon Anomoly

    Prepare to defy the status quo with Glaxon Anomaly, the vanguard of anabolic/anti-catabolic supplements. Anomaly dares to push the boundaries with its cutting-edge formula, featuring not one, but two game-changing ingredients. First up is PeptiStrong™, an enigmatic peptide network extracted from Fava Bean Hydrolysate, originally unearthed by the formidable power of artificial intelligence. This compound packs a punch with its ferocious anti-catabolic prowess, bolstered by a remarkable ability to supercharge muscle tissue growth and differentiation by pinpointing muscle-specific genes. But we're just getting started. Enter GG Gold®, an Annatto extract standardized for the formidable geranylgeraniol compound, further amplifying the anti-catabolic might of Anomaly.

    Anomoly's audacious promise lies in its unparalleled ability to safeguard pristine muscle tissue even when you dare to venture into caloric deficits or submit yourself to the most grueling training trials. It's approach not only reinvigorates the realm of non-hormonal anabolics and anti-catabolics but boldly redefines it. Stand out from the crowd and embrace a new era of muscle preservation and growth with Glaxon Anomaly!

    * Keep your hard earned muscle while you shred body fat

    * Enhance muscle recovery 

    * Boost muscular endurance

    * Keep the body in an anti-catabolic (muscle wasting) state

    Directions: Take 6 capsules daily.  This can be broken up into two 3 capsule doses that are best taken post-workout and/or before bed.  Just make sure to take these on an empty stomach, and allow for the 60-minute gastric transit time prior to activation. DO NOT exceed 6 capsules per day.


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