Alpha Lion Gains Candy Mitoburn 60Caps

Alpha Lion Gains Candy Mitoburn 60Caps

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Alpha Lion Gains Candy Mitoburn 60Caps

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  • If you're ready to not only shed and incinerate unwanted body fat, but amplify the fat-burning effects of exercise so you see faster results, then say hello to your new best friend. Introducing Gains Candy Mitoburn! Mitoburn is a revolutionary new ingredient that takes fat-burning to the next level by melting and converting existing fat cells into daily long lasting energy, amplifying the fat-burning effects of exercise for quicker results, improving insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate tolerance, and mitochondrial function to assist in anti-aging, and also reducing appetite to fight off those pesky cravings. So how does this actually work? Well, in our bodies there are two types of fat: White Fat (the stubborn fat we all want to burn) which is the fat we see in the mirror and can grab on our bodies. This fat can be broken down for energy while performing low-intensity exercise and periodically in calorie deficits. The we have Brown Fat. Brown Fat is an energy user meaning it can increase energy expenditure. Mitoburn works by changing the characteristics of white fat into the energy-burning brown fat, which results in amplified fat-burning and a more optimal metabolism. Mitoburn also increases fat oxidation by utilizing white fat first as energy and by increasing ketone body generation, thus allowing your body to melt stubborn fat cells as energy!

    * Incinerate body fat

    * Decrease body fat and increase lean muscle

    * Reduce appetite to fight off pesky cravings

    * Covert existing fat cells into long lasting energy

    * Improve carbohydrate tolerance and insulin sensitivity

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules per day before exercise. Do not exceed more than 6 capsules in a 24 hour time period. You may stack Gains Candy Mitoburn with other Alpha Lion products as suggested below.


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