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Magnum Nutraceuticals G-Spring 48Caps

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Burn fat and build muscle while you sleep? It's not a dream. Magnum G-spring helps you lose fat, grow muscle and recover - all while you enjoy a deep, restful sleep. G-Spring is a multi-ingredient pharmaceutical grade formulation that increase your resting growth hormone levels while you sleep. This increase in growth hormone allows you to wake up feeling rested, energized, focused and - best of all - leaner and more muscular. Now you can train harder, recover better, burn fat more efficiently, and at the end of the training day, fall into a deep sleep for improved recovery. Build while you sleep with Magnum G-Spring. Magnum G-Spring is designed to: Increase growth hormone realease while you sleep Maximine lean muscle growth Ignite nighttime and daytime fat loss Optimize muscle reovery Help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep Enhance memomy, focus, mood and cognition Cross the blood-brain barrier more effectively

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