Fuel Injector 75Caps

Fuel Injector 75Caps

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Fuel Injector 75Caps

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  • Description
  • Fuel Injector GDA Description from Allmax Nutrition Fuel Injector GDA is designed to allow you to fully utilize the carbohydrates you consume as fuel and not store them as fat. Our bodies are energy storing machines and as we age or overeat, our bodies get more efficient at storing carbs as energy for utilization at a later date. This energy is stored as fat, highlighted in the body- conscious areas our love handles, stomach, or hips. Fuel Injector GDA ensures your body drives these ingested carbs to your muscle cells by reactivating their dormant insulin receptor sites and deactivating insulin receptor sites on your stored energy sources - your body-fat. Take with higher carb, higher fat or cheat meals. Great to take when you have a cheat meal on a strict diet. Perfect if you're on a bulking diet and want a leaner bulk. Also helps on days you over-consume carbs. Leave your muscles feeling fuller! By taking Fuel Injector GDA with your high carb meals you'll store less as fat and have a full body pump throughout your whole bulking cycle. Fuel Injector GDA is your new meal-time partner! Big pumps, a leaner physique, and more natural energy all day long.


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