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Enhanced Epimuscle 60Caps

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Myostatin, often dubbed the "muscle growth inhibitor," is a protein that naturally occurs in the body, acting as a regulator to prevent excessive muscle growth. While its presence is essential for maintaining muscle homeostasis and preventing muscle hypertrophy from spiraling out of control, excessively high levels of myostatin can significantly hinder muscle growth potential. Essentially, myostatin works by limiting the proliferation of muscle cells and slowing down the rate at which muscle fibers grow and repair. This regulation mechanism ensures that muscle growth remains balanced and controlled, but it also poses a significant challenge for individuals aiming to maximize muscle mass and strength.

Enhanced Epimuscle

Enhanced Labs Epimuscle stands at the forefront of natural anabolic supplementation, harnessing the power of meticulously selected bioactive flavonoid ingredients to amplify your lean muscle gains while curbing the notorious muscle growth inhibitor, myostatin. Through extensive clinical research, Epimuscle has been proven to elevate follistatin levels and effectively hinder myostatin, unleashing your body's capacity to pack on muscle mass and bolster strength.

At the heart of this revolutionary formula lies epicatechin, a potent plant-derived compound renowned for its ability to bolster follistatin production, thereby diminishing myostatin levels and offering a direct pathway to muscle growth. Not only does Epimuscle redefine the boundaries of muscle building, but it also champions the fight against age-related muscle decline, thanks to its profound anti-aging effects. With every serving, Epimuscle delivers a robust 710mg of its natural, bioactive blend, ensuring optimal protein synthesis and myostatin suppression while promoting overall well-being through its antioxidant properties.

* Aids in increasing lean muscle

* Supports lower levels of myostatin

* Powerful and natural anabolic compounds

* Supports anti-aging effects

* Promotes enhanced muscle strength

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Supplement Facts


As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily or as directed by your physician.