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Enhanced EAA + 30srv

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Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) are the cornerstone of muscle recovery and athletic performance. Unlike non-essential amino acids, EAAs must be obtained through diet or supplementation because the body cannot produce them on its own. Incorporating a high-quality EAA supplement can significantly enhance recovery times by rapidly repairing muscle tissues damaged during intense exercise. Additionally, EAAs support protein synthesis, which is crucial for muscle growth and maintenance. They also play a role in maintaining energy levels and preventing fatigue during prolonged training sessions. By optimizing the body's ability to recuperate and sustain longer, harder workouts, EAAs are invaluable for athletes looking to maximize performance and accelerate progress.

Enhanced EAA +

Enhanced EAA+ is the powerhouse anabolic supplement you've been waiting for, packed with 24 game-changing ingredients to fuel your muscles all day long. We’re talking full spectrum essential amino acids, the real deal for muscle repair and growth, critical for everything from protein synthesis to hormone production. And it doesn't stop there; this formula is stacked with vitamins and minerals to keep your body’s systems firing on all cylinders.

Then there’s the hard-hitting extras—Vitamin C to boost your immune system and help with collagen production, keeping those joints healthy as you push the limits. Magnesium Bisglycinate for that smooth muscle and nerve function, so you can hit your workouts harder and longer. Plus, a dash of Himalayan Pink Salt to maintain your electrolyte balance and hydration, crucial for those intense training sessions. With EAA+, you’re not just drinking another supplement; you're downing a powerhouse drink that preps you for war in the gym and helps you recover like a beast!

* Promotes enhanced muscle recovery

* Supports lean muscle growth

* Supports athletic performance

* Promotes better hydration 

* Aids in fueling muscle protein synthesis

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Supplement Facts


For sustained daily muscle fuel take 1 scoop anytime of day. For fasting or use as a meal replacement use 2 scoops.