Alchemy Labs E-Guard 90Caps

Alchemy Labs E-Guard 90Caps

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Alchemy Labs E-Guard 90Caps

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  • Cortisol and estrogen are two key hormones in the human body with distinct roles. Cortisol, often known as the stress hormone, is produced by the adrenal glands and plays a vital role in regulating metabolism, immune response, and the body's response to stress. While necessary in moderate levels, chronic high cortisol can have adverse effects, including weight gain, muscle loss, and increased stress-related health issues. On the other hand, estrogen is a group of hormones predominantly associated with female reproductive functions but also found in males, where it plays essential roles in bone health, cardiovascular health, and mood regulation. Imbalances in estrogen levels, whether excessive or insufficient, can lead to a range of health concerns. Achieving a harmonious balance between cortisol and estrogen is crucial to maintaining hormonal equilibrium.

    Alchemy Labs E-Guard

    Alchemy Labs E-Guard is the ultimate solution for those seeking optimal hormonal support and hormonal balance while running aggressive supplement cycles. Featuring a comprehensive blend of natural ingredients, E-Guard is designed to tackle elevated cortisol levels and hormone fluctuations head-on. With a full-spectrum ashwagandha extract, it helps harmonize hormones, stabilize mood, and enhance overall well-being. This potent formula also includes estrogen-reducing and testosterone-boosting components, supporting the body's natural testosterone production while promoting the removal of unwanted estrogen.

    Furthermore, E-Guard fortifies the liver and bolsters the immune system with its antioxidant properties, accelerating recovery and safeguarding against oxidative stress. With its ability to regulate hormone balance and prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen, this supplement is a game-changer. Plus, the trademarked black pepper extract ensures rapid nutrient absorption, making E-Guard your go-to choice for comprehensive hormone optimization and on-cycle support. Say goodbye to hormonal imbalances and welcome a new era of peak performance with E-Guard.

    * Decrease and regulate cortisol levels

    * Prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen

    * Reduce estrogen levels

    * Robust liver protection

    * Stabilize mood

    Directions: As a dietary supplement take one serving (3 capsules) prior to working out. On non-workout days, take one serving first thing in the morning. May be taken with or without food. Do not exceed one serving (3 capsules) in a 24-hour period. Use as part of a healthy diet and exercise program.


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