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Drip Fit Waist Band

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DripFit® custom sweat bands are 100% neoprene and designed to amplify your body’s natural heat production to a localized area. The purpose of the band is to help with the absorption of our cream, increase your body’s core temperature and increase core support. Our sweat bands create the ideal environment for optimal absorption of DriFit® Workout Intensifier creams, which include all-natural ingredients to safely increase sweating and decrease muscle soreness. An independent study by pharmacists shows DriFit® sweat bands when paired with DriFit® Workout Intensifier cream have a positive correlation on overall weight loss, midsection and BMI reduction. HOW TO USE? Apply a generous amount of DriFit® Workout Intensifier cream to your abdomen, lower back and hips. Wrap your DriFit® Sweat Band around your body, fasten and get your sweat on! Colour fastened: our bands are colour fastened, however, to fully avoid stains resulting from sweat or in the wash, we recommend washing it prior to first use. HOW TO WASH? Our sweat bands are fully machine washable (DO NOT PLACE IN THE DRYER or indirect heat). After you’ve washed your band to ensure there is no colour bleed, the best way to clean your band is to rinse it off in the shower or sink, then hang to dry (Yes, these means do not machine dry). MATERIALS OK fleece fabric: 100% Polyester. Neoprene: 100% SBR Velcro: 100% Nylon Trims: Lycra Sewing threads: Polyester

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