Devotion Nutrition Protein 2lb

Devotion Nutrition Protein 2lb

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Devotion Nutrition Protein 2lb

Visit the Devotion Nutrition store
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  • Sugar cravings are the worst!!! It’s like a little army of sugar mercenaries that grab hold of you and torture you until you feed them jellybeans, right? Give into this craving too often and you might be setting yourself up for a slew of negative health outcomes. All that extra sugar can lead to higher caloric intake and contribute to chronic inflammation.


    Devotion Nutrition Protein is a high-quality protein that is perfect for those who want to indulge in their sweet tooth while still meeting their daily protein requirements. This unique protein blend contains whey isolate protein and micellar casein, which provides a steady stream of amino acids to fuel muscle growth and recovery.

    Devotion Nutrition Protein is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be mixed with water, milk, or your favorite non-dairy milk alternative to make a delicious and creamy shake or smoothie. It can also be used to make protein pudding or baked goods, adding a delicious shot of protein to your favorite recipes.

    This protein powder is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth but still want to stay on track with their nutrition goals. With flavors like Fruity Hoops, Angel Food Cake, and Brownie Batter, you can indulge in your favorite desserts without the guilt.

    Whether you're looking to build muscle, recover faster, or just enjoy a delicious and nutritious treat, Devotion Nutrition Protein is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make their diet a little bit sweeter.

    * 20 grams of high quality protein per serving

    * Perfect for baking and healthy, high protein desserts

    * Sensational flavors

    * ZERO sugars

    * Grow and recover while you indulge (without the guilt)

    Directions: The beauty of Devotion protein is you may make your shake as thick or as thin as you desire. Use 12-16 oz of any liquid (water, milk, almond milk) with or without ice and blend or shake into a delicious shake. 


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