CytoGreens 30srv

CytoGreens 30srv

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CytoGreens 30srv

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  • Description Gluten-Free Soy-Free Non-GMO Infused with Spirulina, Spinach & Barley Grass 21x the Green Nutrients of Dark Leafy Greens‡ Improves Energy Levels Dietary Supplement Naturally Flavored Sweetened with Stevia cGMP Registered Facility Lab Tested - Every Lot Free of Pesticides & Solvents Vegan CytoGreens® is an Ultra-Concentrated Premium Green Superfood powder with double the amount of green ingredients as leading "greens" supplements. Loaded with Chlorophyll-Rich Green Superfoods like Spirulina, Cracked-Cell Chlorella and Ultra-Fine Premium Japanese Matcha Green Tea. CytoGreens® contains our exclusive nutrient-rich, Green Performance Matrix to enhance performance, recovery and help the body recycle energy more efficiently while exercising. Better still, you get the dark greens and color-rich, anti-oxidant berry nutrients your body needs! CytoGreens® has over 300 mg of standardized, free-radical neutralizing, High-ORAC Antioxidants (1.2 g if you count our Matcha Green Tea). It also contains Cytozymes, a custom 8 enzyme high-potency blend that has as much as 20x the enzyme activity of leading "greens" supplements. Cytozymes helps break down the raw, whole-food ingredients to help release nutrients for optimal digestion and bioavailability. CytoGreens® is filler-free, lecithin-free, gluten free and non-gmo, with no artificial colors or dyes, and contains only natural flavors and natural sweetener. AER™ Active Energy Regenerator Increased Energy, Greater Endurance & Improved Recovery AER™ is a Natura Blend of 4 Key Botanical Extracts that may help reduce oxidative damage resulting in improved recovery. In creating CytoGreens®, we focused on highly concentrated, truly green, nutrient-rich raw-sourced foods in amounts suitable for athletes who demand more from their bodies. Packed with High-ORAC Antioxidants; Fiber-Rich Omega 3 EFAs; 8-Enzyme Cytozymes to maximize absorption; and a Best-of-Breed, Endurance and Stamina blend, with Cordyceps, Panax Ginseng, Reishi Mushroom and Astragalus. 4,550 umoITE ORAC in every Serving! (51,123 umoITE/100 g)^ Increases Muscle Performance, Cardio Endurance & Reduces Fatigue Increases the ability for the body to move lactic acid out of the muscle where is is recycled by the liver as more fuel in the form of glucose. This reduces soreness, increases muscle performance and maximizes endurance.


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