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Apollon Creatine-X 250g

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Creatine monohydrate is quite possibly the best supplement of all time. It’s been studied hundreds of times and found to not only be effective but safe. And yet, for some reason there continues to be an endless ploy in and around the industry to make a “better” version of creatine. Over the years, there certainly have been more expensive forms of creatine, but NONE have been consistently shown to be superior to the king of creatine supplements -- creatine monohydrate. We figured, “why f*** with a good thing?!” Creatine is perfect as is. It doesn’t need to be “fixed” as many other supplement companies will lead you to believe. In creatine Creatine-X, we didn’t try to re-engineer a better version of creatine. We took the greatness that is creatine and developed a creatine-based product that helps enhance ATP production from multiple avenues. That result is CREATINE-X! Creatine-X contains three patented ingredients, including 5 grams of Creapure creatine monohydrate. We’ve also added elevATP™ and Senactiv™ to help accelerate ATP synthesis and promote greater overall blood levels of ATP, helping you train harder, last longer, make greater gains, and build more muscle! Do I Need to Use a Creatine Loading Phase? The simple answer is NO. You do not need to load creatine. A lot of supplement companies will tell you that you “must” do a loading phase to get the most benefit possible from creatine. And, while it’s true that using a loading phase is the most rapid way to increase muscle creatine levels, your muscle levels will eventually reach saturation using a daily low dose of 3-5 grams of creatine. The loading phase merely accelerates the saturation process, but it is also known to come with more bloating and GI distress. Besides, creatine is something you’ll be taking for years and years to come. Think of creatine supplementation as you would fitness -- something you’re committed to for the long-haul. There’s no immediate need for you to follow a loading phase, unless you’re an athlete a week or two out from competition. At the end of the day, avoid the GI stress, bloating, and hassle of having to take something multiple times a day.

Directions: Simply consume one serving of Creatine-X per day.


Nutrition Label


Directions: Simply consume one serving of Creatine-X per day.