CRE Absorb 200Caps

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  • Creatine is by far the most tried and true supplement to ever hit the market. With proven benefits such as Improving ATP levels for more energy and strength, building quality muscle, increased muscular recovery, and improving athletic performance; it's easy to see why creatine is also one of the most sought-after supplements on the market. CRE Absorb takes all the great benefits of creatine and added in Betaine HCL to further increase muscular recovery and increase creatine production in the body to boost muscle strength and size. On top of that, CRE Absorb is formulated to give your body all the great benefits of creatine without the possible side effects, such as muscle cramping and bloating. INCREDIBLE!

    * Increase ATP levels for more muscular energy and strength

    * No unwanted side effects like water retention, bloating, and muscle cramping

    * Betaine HCL to increase creatine production in the body and increase muscular   recovery

    * Improve athletic performance

    * Increase strength and build quality muscle

    Directions: On training days, take four (4) capsules two (2) times daily. For best results, take four (4) capsules before and four (4) capsules after your workout. On non-training days, take four (4) capsules before breakfast and four (4) capsules before lunch. This product is safe for both men and women.


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