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Purus Labs Condense 40srv

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PURUS LABS CONDENSE PRE-WORKOUT | 40 SERVINGS Increase Lean Muscle, Energy & Pumps! Condense is a preworkout supplement that was designed to expand performance capacity while utilizing a patent-pending nutrient technology and peer-reviewed, human-validation check to provide orally efficacious dosages. Condense is set to provide extreme vasodilation through nitric oxide production. This helps support a cascade of welcomed physiologically enhancing benefits to any kind of athlete by providing enhanced blood-flow, better nutrient absorption, preserve ATP stores, propell oxygen delivery to myocapillaries, and reduce overall exercise oxygen cost to allow for you to have greater workloads and exercise longer before exhaustion. What RESULTS CAN YOU EXPECT? Increased Energy & Power Output Increase Endurance More Lean Muscle Mass Increased Focus Better Pumps and Vascularity COMMON QUESTIONS How Much Caffeine is in Condense? There is 200mg of caffeine per serving. What is the Difference Between this and Cellucor C4? The biggest difference is that C4 won't have the muscle building ingredients such as Betaine and Beta Alanine. What is the Difference Between this and Muscle Marinade? Muscle Marinade is more of a stimulant heavy pre-workout. This is a more well rounded pre-workout for overall muscle building and energy. Are There any Side Effects? The biggest side effects customers experience is the jitters and sleeplessness that is common with most supplements like these. Can You Stack This? Yes, Condense can be stacked with any supplements that do not have stimulants. The most popular stacks are with Noxygen and Creagyn. BENEFITS Zero fillers Zero creatine Zero dyes Zero crash Clean energy University proven Greater exercise time Visible vasodilation Accelerative performance FLAVORS Looking for a pre-workout with amazing flavors? Some of the best flavoring in the industry with this pre-workout. Crisp Apple Island Punch Melonberry Cooler Natural Florida Orange Natural Sangria Lemonade Pineapple DIRECTIONS / DOSAGE Mix 1 serving with 8 ounces of cold water and consume 30 minutes prior to intense exercise. Condense can be used on nontraining days as well. Do not consume more than two servings at any one time. Do not use more than twice daily. SUPPLEMENT FACTS Serving size: 8.2g (Approximately 1 scoop) Servings per container: 40 INGREDIENTS & LABEL

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