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Bumped Up Postnatal Protein 30srv

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Postnatal Protein from Bucked Up Nursing can be one of the most stressful aspects of motherhood. Not only do you have to worry about latching, but you are constantly worried about how much milk, and how nutrient rich the milk you’re feeding your new baby is.* Science has shown us that breastfeeding has countless benefits. High-fat breast milk rich in Omega Fatty Acids can lead to a healthier baby, superior brain development and better cognitive function.* Our Bumped Up™ Grass Fed Whey packs a potent 5g of coconut oil powder per serving, to go along with 20g of grass fed, hormone free whey.* This is ideal for nursing and milk production. Not all protein and fat sources are created equal. There is a stark difference between our pure, high quality, all-natural whey and cheap whey loaded with bovine growth hormones & gmo corn and potentially harmful ingredients that may pass through your body directly to your baby.* Fats from coconut oil have been shown to be a major health advantage over those sourced from canola and vegetable oil which often contain hydrogenated oils. Combining healthy fats with healthy proteins may provide the perfect foundation for healthy nursing habits, while reducing the stress and time consumption associated with constantly cooking and sourcing healthy fats and protein.*

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