Bucked Up 30 Servings

Bucked Up 30 Servings

Bucked Up 30 Servings

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Bucked Up is a revolutionary pre-workout that offers high quality ingredients in a non-proprietary blend that will enhance your training sessions like no other! Bucked Up pre-workout is packed with several clinically dosed ingredients that work together synergistically to offer the user skin splitting pumps, laser focus, and clean controlled energy. If that wasn't enough, Bucked Up pre-workout also contains a whopping 50mg of the growth hormone potentiate Deer Antler Velvet Extract for increased muscular growth. The perfect product for average gym goers, serious athletes, and bodybuilders alike.

* Deer Antler Velvet - Rich in IGF-1 & IGF-2

* 6g of Citrulline Malate for increased blood flow

* ActiGen - Increase VO2 Max & boost athletic performance

* 200mg of Caffeine

* Alphasize - Intensify mental focus

* Beta-alanine - Promotes strength, endurance, and muscle growth

Directions: Take 1 serving 15-30 minutes before your workout for increased energy, pump, focus, endurance, and (of course) nutrient absorption+.


    Pre-workout Intensity

    High Stim

    Moderate Stim

    Low Stim

    No Stim

    Moderate Stim

    Powerful sustaining energy for those who want to feel a smooth stimulant rush

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