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Black Magic Super Natty 120Caps

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Testosterone is the key male hormone that regulates and helps maintain men's bone density, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, facial and body hair, red blood cell production, and sex drive. Testosterone levels generally peak during adolescence and early adulthood. As you age, your testosterone level gradually declines, typically about 1% a year after age 30 or 40. Low testosterone levels are usually accompanied with unwanted side effects such as decreased sex drive, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, increased body fat, and decreased bone density. Not good! Super Natty by Black Magic provides everything you need to support the production of testosterone, including natural production of testosterone while balancing energy, strength and endurance requirements. Super Natty is loaded with patented ingredients like Primave, which studies show increased natural testosterone levels by 19%. Pair that with the revolutionary Natural SERM E. Cottonii which naturally suppresses the E2 metabolizing-enzymes which are responsible for the creation of estrogen and you will be back in the game like never before. Jump over the hurdles and bring your best physique to date with Super Natty!

Benefits & Results:

* Increase free testosterone

* Naturally decrease estrogen

* Enhance energy and endurance

* Improve strength

* Decrease body fat

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules with a meal once per day. Due to formula potency, do not use this product longer than 8 weeks followed by a subsequent 4-week break.