Black Magic BZRK Voodoo 25srv Mad Sour Melon

Black Magic BZRK Voodoo 25srv Mad Sour Melon

Black Magic BZRK Voodoo 25srv Mad Sour Melon

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BZRK VOODOO is a limited edition "Mad-Scientist" version of the extremely popular and industry hit pre-workout BZRK by Black Magic. Now, when I say "Mad-Scientist", I say that because this formula is CRAZY!!! Allow me to explain. 

This limited edition formula packs a COLOSSAL punch in just one scoop! Get ready for more energy with 400mg of caffeine per serving, even more massive muscle pumps with a whopping 10 GRAMS of Citrulline Malate and the addition of NitroRocket, even more intense and brain booming focus (this is getting serious) with a quadruple Choline enhancement stack next to L-Tyrosine, Neurofactor, and PEA, and no mid or post-workout crash and a smooth comedown with the addition of  enXtra Caffeine.

And for those of you out there that love the original BZRK formula, but aren't a fan of the "Beta-Alanine tingles", Black Magic has chosen to not include that ingredient in this formula. Don't worry though.. this one still delivers plenty of energy and focus to power you through any workout!

Word to the wise... VOODOO is no joke! Packed with highly efficacious ingredients in truly monstrous doses, there is absolutely no way you won’t feel big effects from this pre-workout. It’s easy to overlook, but at 400 milligrams of caffeine per dose, on top of other energy boosting ingredients, you’ll want to be careful when scooping VOODOO. If you aren't sure of your caffeine tolerance, start with half (or maybe even a quarter) scoop and work your way up to a full dose.

* Profound energy

* MASSIVE muscle pumps

* Roadmap vascularity

* Brain booming, tunnel vision focus

* No tingles

Directions: Use on training days only. Mix 1 scoop with 6-8 oz of water and consume 15-20 minutes prior to training. To avoid sleeplessness, do not use within 6 hours prior to sleep. DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 1 SCOOP WITHIN A 24 HOUR PERIOD.



Pre-workout Intensity

High Stim

Moderate Stim

Low Stim

No Stim

High Stim

Extreme energy providing peak intensity for those who love the "hyped" feeling

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