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Allmax IsoNatural 2lb

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For athletes, the pursuit of peak performance begins with quality, all-natural proteins. These nutritional powerhouses not only provide the essential building blocks for muscle repair and growth but also offer the assurance of clean, unadulterated ingredients. Athletes demand proteins that are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and unnecessary fillers, as they understand that their bodies deserve only the best. Whether sourced from lean meats, plant-based alternatives, or dairy, all-natural proteins stand as a testament to a commitment to health and fitness. They fuel endurance, aid recovery, and promote overall well-being, allowing athletes to harness their inner strength and push their limits with confidence.

Allmax IsoNatural 2lb

Allmax IsoNatural is the epitome of natural protein perfection, tailored for those who seek an untainted protein powder experience. It seamlessly merges the pristine essence of pure Whey Protein Isolate, derived from wholesome milk, with the tantalizing touch of all-natural flavors and the gentle sweetness of plant-based Stevia. Say goodbye to artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and Ace K, as IsoNatural takes pride in using only the purest Stevia 98% extract, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.

With zero added sugars and any listed sugars being entirely natural, IsoNatural emerges as a guilt-free protein powerhouse. It's fat-free, boasts a generous 27 grams of unadulterated whey protein per scoop, preserves the integrity of native protein structures, and is remarkably 99% lactose-free. What's more, it incorporates prebiotics known to enhance intestinal microflora, making IsoNatural the natural choice for those committed to a wholesome lifestyle. Now available in our groundbreaking SCOOP-LOCK™ system with ERGO-LID™ packaging, IsoNatural is not just a protein powder; it's a revolution in natural protein supplementation.

* 27 grams of ultra high-quality protein per serving

* All-naturally flavored, sweetened, and flavored

* No artificial dyes

* Formulated with prebiotics to boost intestinal microflora

* 100% per whey isolate

Directions: Combine 1 scoop (30 grams) of IsoNatural pure whey protein powder with water or low-fat milk at any time during the day that you need a protein boost. IsoNatural mixes well in a shaker cup, but can be combined with other ingredients in a blender as a smoothie as well.

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