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Allmax All Mass Advanced Gainer 12lb

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Quality calories are essential for anyone looking to build muscle mass. Instead of relying on empty calories from sugary or processed foods, individuals aiming to increase their muscle size should prioritize nutrient-dense sources of energy. Additionally, consuming enough calories to create a surplus, along with consistent strength training, is crucial for effectively building mass while minimizing the risk of excessive fat gain. In essence, quality calories not only fuel muscle growth but also contribute to a well-rounded and sustainable approach to achieving a more muscular physique.

Allmax All Mass Advanced Gainer

Allmax All Mass Advanced Gainer is the ultimate solution for athletes seeking to optimize their post-workout recovery and pack on lean muscle mass efficiently. Recognizing the common challenge athletes face in consuming adequate calories to support their training demands, this advanced gainer offers a game-changing approach. With each serving delivering up to a remarkable 2000 nutrient dense calories, it eliminates the laborious task of meticulously tracking and consuming massive quantities of food daily. This groundbreaking formula effectively streamlines the post-workout routine, turning it into a hassle-free and successful endeavor, especially beneficial for the aspiring young athlete committed to achieving exceptional results.

* 2,000 calories per serving

* Nutrient dense calories

* Incredible flavors

* Perfect for a post-workout gainer

Directions: Take ALLMASS™ immediately following your workout. On days that you do not workout, take upon waking.
After you train, your body will be in a catabolic state. ALLMASS™ helps to stop this muscle breakdown putting your body into an anabolic state (increasing muscle synthesis) when you would normally break down muscle.*

Blend, mix or shake 1 to 5 scoops with ½ to 2 cups (125 – 500 ml) with either water or skim milk depending on your preference. For an even creamier thicker taste, mix with low-fat milk.

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