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Afterdark Inhuman Pre Workout Limited Edition 21srv

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Inhuman Pre-Workout is renowned for its unmatched potency, designed to elevate your workout performance to unprecedented heights. It delivers an explosive surge of energy, intense focus, and unparalleled performance. This powerhouse formula contains a meticulously crafted blend of clinically tested and scientifically proven ingredients.

Afterdark Inhuman Pre Workout Limited Edition 

Prepare for a spine-tingling and limited-edition experience with AfterDark's Inhuman Pre-Workout lineup, inspired by classic horror films and tailor-made for Halloween enthusiasts. This exciting and uniquely retail-exclusive brand, AfterDark, has curated a trio of eerie flavors, each a nod to iconic scary movies, ensuring that your workouts are as thrilling as they are effective. As a part of the brand's special Halloween-themed offerings, these Inhuman Pre-Workouts feature a distinctive look and a comprehensive blend of performance-enhancing ingredients, making them the perfect addition to your pre-Halloween fitness routine.

The limited-edition collection showcases three spine-chilling flavors, each meticulously crafted to embody the essence of a classic scary movie. Inhuman Pre-Workout is the star of the show, boasting an impressive formula that includes 150mg of CognatiQ, 5g of citrulline malate, and a combined 375mg of caffeine, ensuring that your workouts are nothing short of extraordinary. Choose from the sinister Black Cherry, inspired by the terror-inducing "IT," the spine-tingling Juicy Lime, paying homage to "The Purge," or the blood-curdling Blood Orange, a tribute to the masked horrors of "Scream."

* Same incredible formula with 3 unique flavors

* Incredible mental focus

* Blood-filled muscle pumps

* Boost strength and power output

Directions: Start with 1/2 scoop to assess tolerance. This is a very potent product. DO NOT exceed one scoop!

Nutrition Label


Directions: Start with 1/2 scoop to assess tolerance. This is a very potent product. DO NOT exceed one scoop!

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