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Our Story


Nutrition Faktory was created with ONE GOAL in mind, give our customers the absolute best experience they've ever had at a nutrition store!!!

How are we different?

None of those "hidden" house brands! - Ever had trouble finding the product online you just purchased at your local nutrition store? Many nutrition stores put profit ahead of the customer experience by pushing their house brands (sometimes presented as "exclusive brands") that you can't research or find online so you get stuck paying a premium. We do not stock "house brands"! We only stock the top brands in the industry and they ALL can be price-checked online so you can be confident that you're getting the best pricing every day!

No commission means your experience is all that matters! - Many nutrition stores offer employee bonuses and commission for pushing specific, high-profit, items. Have you ever felt "bullied" into buying something that you didn't want? At Nutrition Faktory we pay our employees a fair hourly wage and they have one goal in mind, give our customers an amazing experience and a great deal

Look at all of those brands! - Many nutrition stores "sprinkle" in some of the top brands with the goal of getting you to their store so they can switch you to their house brands. We carry all of the top flavors of the top products from the top brands under one roof so you can get EVERYTHING you need in one place! 
Bring on the requests! - We not only accept product requests but we depend on them so we can build our stores around you! We stock the products you ask for AND you get every day wholesale pricing on these items with promotions running at the time! 
Freebies for everyone!  - Our brands have our back which means we are always stocked with free samples of the latest products so you can try before you buy! 
You don't like it, bring it back! - If you don't absolutely LOVE the product you just picked up at Nutrition Faktory, bring it back and swap it out for something you do love! We've all had that cupboard filled with products we can't use and that stinks so we make sure that will never happen again! 
Is that pricing for real? - We are VERY fortunate to have had over 20 years in this industry to build amazing relationships with the top brands which means we order direct cutting out the middle-man. This means that YOU are now the middle-man, which means every day wholesale pricing to the public! Pretty cool huh?!?!

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