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Self Evolve Tudca 500mg 60Caps

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PROTECT AND RESTORE YOUR LIVER WITH RESEARCH BACKED TUDCA TUDCA is the most powerful OTC liver supplement on the market, period. It helps naturally detoxify and protect your liver and other organs. In fact, in one study*, participants were given 750mg of TUDCA a day for 6 weeks, and it lowered the liver enzymes of 100 percent of participants! So you can be sure you are getting an effective natural supplement backed by real science. 500MG PER CAPSULE - DOUBLE WHAT YOU GET FROM OTHER COMPANIES Most TUDCA products only have 250mg per capsule, making it expensive to get the right amount Selfevolve TUDCA has a full 500mg per veggie capsule, so you can experience the full benefits of TUDCA. TIME TESTED NATURAL ORGAN PROTECTION TUDCA has been used for thousands of years for its profound health benefits. It is used to help support and detoxify the liver, but it also has benefits for eye, kidney, and heart health. IMPROVES BRAIN & MUSCLE INSULIN SENSITIVITY* Less of the sugars and carbohydrates you eat will be stored as fat, and more will be used for brain and body fuel. This can lead to a more stable mood, improved energy, and improved body composition. RESTORES HEALTHY GUT BACTERIA* Optimal gut bacteria means improved digestion, mood, and optimal health. NATURAL KIDNEY PROTECTION* TUDCA helps combat mineral imbalances in the body and improve kidney health. IMPROVE EYE HEALTH* TUDCA protects against the progression of genetic eye disease, safeguards against diabetic eye complications, and improves the number of dysfunctional eye cells. If you’re looking to maintain peak eye health until you’re a centenarian, TUDCA may be just the support you’re looking for. BILE SUPPORT* TUDCA has been shown to increase bile flow by 250 percent, and positively influenced the composition of the bile. DOSAGE: A study of TUDCA tested doses of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg per day over six months, and found there was little difference between the doses on liver markers*. 1500 mg was the most effective at lowering enzyme levels while 500 mg was the most cost-effective* *60 Vegetarian capsules

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