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Jocko D3 Gel Caps 360ct

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What You Need To Know


As an athlete, you know how to push your body to the limits and achieve success. You also know that providing your body with key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is essential to attaining your peak performance. It has long been established that adequate levels of vitamin D is necessary for both bone and skeletal health. New research and scientific studies have also shown the important role of vitamin D for non-skeletal functions including skeletal muscle growth, immune function, inflammatory modulation and athletic performance. 

Among many other benefits, Vitamin D3 helps to maintain calcium within bone tissue; which helps athletes to avoid injuries, making them more resistant with less fracture risks. Vitamin D3 deficiency is also related to greater muscle weakness, which leads to a slower recovery and even the increase of suffering with some injuries. Adequate levels of Vitamin D3 promotes optimal physical performance and is essential to maintaining peak performance. 

Due to the significant benefits of vitamin D to athletes, slightly higher levels of vitamin D in the blood are recommended for athletes than non-athletes. In addition, studies indicate that athletes have increased risk of developing vitamin D deficiency during training, due to changes in body composition.

Jocko D3 is made with only all-natural ingredients and delivers 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving. This is 625% of your daily recommended dose, which is an excellent investment in your health and is a safe level for all athletes. 

* Increase bone health and bone mineral strength

* Supports a healthy immune system

* Increase strength and performance

* Decrease risk of injury in athletes

* Reduce inflammation

Directions: We recommend using 1 softgel 1 time daily for regular maintenance.

Nutrition Label


Directions: We recommend using 1 softgel 1 time daily for regular maintenance.