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What Can Nutrition Faktory REALLY Do For You?

What Can Nutrition Faktory REALLY Do For You?

I know that most of these emails have the subject line "Coronavirus/Covid-19" and CEO's go on to tell you about what they are doing to protect you and their employees against the virus at their business. While this is great information and we at Nutrition Faktory are doing the same, I feel obligated to Do More with your valuable time so I sat down with one thought in mind...
What can we REALLY do for YOU?!?!


Right now it's no fun visiting a grocery store but we still gotta eat! Also, money's tight so we wanted to GIVE YOU TASTY GRAB & GO MEALS AT A PRICE THAT MAKES YOU GO "WOW"!!! Fortunately our local Meal Prep Partners stepped up to offer you FRESH MEALS AT THE LOWEST PRICE YOU'VE SEEN! Starting Today and continuing through the ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL, all Grab & Go Meals will be discounted, every day!!! That means MEALS START AT JUST $3.99 PER MEAL!!! WOW!!!
Please contact your local location before visiting to confirm availability.


Not sure if you noticed but our friend and famous country star Dylan Scott launched an amazing protein powder (Rise Protein by Dylan Scott) which is one of the most bioavailable proteins sold at our stores and we normally sell it at wholesale for $49.99. Well Dylan wants to HELP YOU, so he's asked us to GIVE YOU 50% OFF for the entire month of April so you can get 30 Shakes for just $25!!! Where else can you eat for less than $1 for Meal?!?! 


We ALL need to step up our immune game during these unique times and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on one of the best formulas on the market!!! Even though inventory is limited we want to SAVE YOU MONEY by giving an extra $5 our top selling immune formula, Immunity+, for the entire month of April!!! We will also continue to offer the best selection in wellness products at WHOLESALE PRICING...every day!!!


I definitely don't know it all but I do know one thing....WE HAVE A 100% CHANCE OF GETTING THROUGH THIS!!! I personally want to come out the other side better...and I genuinely believe that's possible. Take this time to improve. Improve your relationships with your family. Improve your health. Improve your business. IMPROVE and come out the other side BETTER!!! If you are asking, "how the heck do I come out of this better?", no problem, email me personally and let's set up a time to talk. I wanna help and I'll do everything I can to help you improve during this time. This is my promise to everyone reading this email. 

Last and most importantly I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for making Nutrition Faktory what it is today. YOU have allowed us to build something special. YOU have allowed us to HELP OTHERS! YOU have allowed us to CHANGE LIVES FOR THE BETTER! Even during this unique time YOU continue to support us and WE PROMISE TO SUPPORT YOU!!!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again!!!

Looking forward to getting through this TOGETHER!!!


Michael Bires
Nutrition Faktory Founder/CEO

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