Using Meal Prep Services to Elevate Your Fitness Journey

by Matt Berger

Meal prep services are the ultimate solution for eating all of your meals with convenience and without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Say goodbye to long trips to the grocery store, staring at the fridge and struggling to figure out what to eat, and spending so much time cooking every day. 

Let’s discuss what meal prep is, why to do it, how it assists in your fitness journey, and the best options to choose from. 

The Essentials of Meal Prep

Meal prepping involves preparing entire meals or dishes ahead of schedule in bulk, or using a service that does that for you. All preparation and cooking will be done in advance and then portioned out to last for days, a week, or even a month. The meals need to be stored in airtight containers and either kept in the freezer or fridge until they’re ready to be eaten. 

Why Meal Prep?

Meal prep services make it easy to enjoy home-cooked meals that support your health and wellness without needing to spend the time to go to the grocery store and plan out your meals. 

Meal prep allows you to: 

  • Explore new recipes and flavors
  • Learn basic cooking skills
  • Cut down on food waste
  • Have more time to pursue other interests

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

When starting your meal prep journey, it’s essential to consider all of the macronutrients that you need and prepare balanced meals that utilize them. 

Another aspect of meal prepping to consider is ensuring that your meals have variety. If you’re only eating one meal for the entire week, it can become tedious and harder to stick to the meal plan. Planning a variety of meals, possibly using the same ingredients, will be much more motivating. 

When planning out your meals, it’s also a good idea to supplement them with protein powders or bars for added nutrition. 

These are some great options: 

  • Axe & Sledge Farm Fed
    • Axe & Sledge Farm Fed is a high-quality protein powder formulated to support muscle growth and recovery, sourced from grass-fed cows, offering a rich and satisfying taste.
  • Transparent Labs Grass Fed Isolate
    • Transparent Labs Grass Fed Isolate is a pure whey protein isolate made from grass-fed cows, providing high-quality protein with minimal additives, ideal for lean muscle building and post-workout recovery.
  • Ryse Loaded Protein
    • Ryse Loaded Protein is a premium protein blend containing whey concentrate, whey isolate, and micellar casein, designed to fuel muscles and support recovery with a delicious taste and smooth texture.
  • Barebells Protein Bar
    • Barebells Protein Bar are indulgent protein bars with a soft texture and rich flavor, offering a convenient way to satisfy cravings while providing a substantial protein boost, perfect for on-the-go snacking or post-workout recovery.
  • Anabar
    • Anabar provides a nutritious protein bar made with wholesome ingredients, offering a balanced combination of protein, carbs, and fats to fuel your active lifestyle and support muscle recovery.
  • Outright Bar
    • Outright Bar is an all-natural protein bars made with real food ingredients like oats, honey, and nut butter, providing a delicious and wholesome snack option packed with protein and essential nutrients.

The Advantages of Using Meal Prep Services

Convenience and Time-Saving

Preparing and cooking meals individually every day can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you need to do it three times a day. Preparing multiple meals at once can save a huge amount of time, particularly if some of the meals can be cooked at the same time or use the same ingredients. 

Tailored to Your Fitness Goals

Planning meals in advance can give you the opportunity to choose healthier, more nutritious, and well-balanced meals. You can meal prep based on your health and fitness goals by portioning your meals correctly, sticking to a nutrition plan, and making sure that there is plenty of protein in your diet. 

Meal prepping also reduces the number of takeout foods, snacks, and ready-made meals that are typically eaten, which generally leads to consuming less sodium, sugar, and saturated fat. 

Less Food Waste and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Food waste is not only bad for the environment but also a huge waste of money. The most common food waste is made of vegetables, meat, fruit, eggs, bread, and cheese, which could be utilized in meal prepping and frozen for a longer shelf life. 

With meal prepping, you’re more likely to only purchase the ingredients that you need. Any extra ingredients can be cooked and frozen for future use instead of being thrown away. Meal prepping also involves creating portions that suit you, which means you are less likely to take too much and throw it away. 

Introducing Nutrition Faktory’s Meal Prep Service

Why Choose Nutrition Faktory?

Nutrition Faktory meals are crafted by phenomenal chef Alex Belew. The fast and fresh meals make healthy eating easy. There’s a huge variety of options, all full of protein and other nutrients needed to meet your fitness goals. 

Meals can be picked up in stores, ordered on the Nutrition Faktory website or app for local delivery or pickup, or ordered on DoorDash for delivery near the Superstore location. 

Featured Meals

These are some of the favorite, delicious meals that Nutrition Faktory offers: 

  • Cheeseburger Bowl: A high-protein twist on a classic, perfect for satisfying cravings without the guilt.
  • Turkey Taco Bowl: A flavorful, Mexican-inspired bowl offering a balanced mix of protein, carbs, and fats.

How to Get Started With Your Healthy Meal Prep Journey

The first step on your healthy meal prep journey is to sign up for Nutrition Faktory’s meal prep service. There are a variety of ways to get access to your fresh and affordable meals, including Doordash, picking them up from the store, and ordering them from the website. 

Up Your Fitness Game With Nutrition Faktory

Start your journey to elevated fitness with Nutrition Faktory’s meal prep services. We have a massive selection of options that are healthy, packed with nutrients, and convenient for you. Save time and money by checking out our meal prep service today.