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NEW: Birthday Cake Bash BANG! Energy Drink

NEW: Birthday Cake Bash BANG! Energy Drink

Birthday Cake BAsh BANGHere at Nutrition Faktory we sell a lot of Bang! energy drinks. So the entire team was thrilled to hear about the new flavor being released shortly, Birthday Cake Bash! This is one of the most unique flavors we believe VPX Sports has come out with. A drink that tastes like Birthday Cake...that's just something we have to try.

And that's not all. The word on the street is that this new Birthday Cake Bash flavor is going to be available as well for their shots, their pre-workout and the new CBD drink they are coming out with. It's going to be all over the place!

As soon as we have this available at all our stores, expect us to do a big announcement, that way you can be one of the first people to try the new Birthday Cake Bash BANG!

Thank you!

The Nutrition Faktory Team

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