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Lipo Shred - The Body Fat Incinerator

Lipo Shred - The Body Fat Incinerator

At some point during your weight loss journey, despite all the hard work you're putting in at the gym, eating clean, healthy meals everyday, and cutting out those ever so delicious snacks, have you noticed your body isn’t changing in spite of all your hard weight-loss efforts? "I’m sticking to my diet and eating healthy! I’m not snacking on chips or cookies! I walked four miles every day this week! Seriously...what gives?!" Well, there are actually a plethora of factors that come into play when it comes to weight loss. A healthy diet and exercise of only two of those factors. This is where you need a tool that attacks every aspect of weight loss to transform your body into a fat burning machine! Introducing the body fat incinerator Lipo Shred by Titan Nutrition!

Lipo Shred 90Caps


What is Lipo Shred and how does it accomplish such an astonishing feat? Lipo Shred is formulated with 4 potent complexes, each containing clinically dosed and scientifically researched ingredients, to help get you over that fat burning plateau and is even designed to be strong enough for the unparalleled needs of the dieting athlete or figure competitor wanting maximum results. The first complex of this fat burning masterpiece is the "Thermogenic Burn Complex". This complex hits 2 of the most important aspects of fat burning - daily energy and thermogenesis. As we all know, when dieting energy levels can be completely depleted from the lack of normal daily nutrient intake, leaving you feeling fatigued and lethargic. Lipo Shred combines 175mg of caffeine anhydrous with 25mg of Synephrine HCL to not only boost daily energy levels, but help control appetite to curb those pesky cravings, as well as boost daily performance. This complex also combines Cayenne Pepper Extract with ProGBB which drastically increases thermogenesis aka energy production through heat. When your body burns calories, it generates more heat, so inducing thermogenesis will cause the body to burn more calories. These two ingredients have been scientifically proven to induce thermogenesis, helping burn off more adipose tissue (fat) as energy, and highly boost your metabolism.

Up next, we have the "Nootropic Drive Complex". This complex is all about boosting cognitive abilities such as mental clarity, concentration, and focus. When dieting, it's easy to come across a mental fog, which can drastically affect your everyday life. This potent combination of ingredients will heighten cognitive abilities so can dial in and perform at your peak daily while on your fat loss journey.

Next is the "Metabolic Accelerator Complex". This complex is all about boosting the metabolism, increasing energy expenditure, decreasing fat absorption, as well as producing anti-inflammatory effects. The combination of Olive Leaf Extract, Coleus Forskohlii, Theobromine, and Yohimbine HCL will drive your metabolism through the roof, increase energy expenditure for better body composition by blocking Alpha-2 receptors. Since these ingredients can bind to alpha receptors, the body's catecholamines are better able to, instead, bind to the beta receptors, which allows for more efficient fat burning.

Last we have the "Diuretic Shred Complex". This potent diuretic blend will aid in ridding the body of excess water weight, leaving you shredded and more vascular. This complex also helps detoxify the liver for better overall health, and will aid in fat loss by inhibiting pancreatic lipase, an enzyme released during digestion to break down fat.



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