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Transparent Labs Grass Fed Casein

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In contrast to many casein protein powders that use inferior calcium caseinate and grain-fed cattle sources, Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Casein is made with pure micellar casein derived from grass-fed cattle. This is the industry’s cleanest casein protein powder, providing a sustained-release profile of essential amino acids to keep you anabolic and anti-catabolic for up to 8 hours. Micellar casein is the major type of protein in dairy milk, comprising roughly 70% of all the protein content (1). A casein micelle is a colloidal particle that transports insoluble casein calcium-phosphate complexes in a liquid through the digestive tract where they are emulsified with gastric juices and slowly dispersed into the bloodstream. Hence, grass-fed casein is also an exceptional source of both calcium and phosphorus. Due to the slower digestive rate of casein protein, many gym-goers and athletes opt for micellar casein as a nighttime protein powder to support muscle growth and recovery during sleep. Our grass-fed casein protein is also gentle on the stomach and tastes delicious, being 100% naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia. No bloating, gas, or stomach cramps like you might experience from low-quality casein protein powders that are loaded with cheap fillers and artificial sweeteners.

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