Alpha Lion Superhuman Greens 30srv

Alpha Lion Superhuman Greens 30srv

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Alpha Lion Superhuman Greens 30srv

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  • We've all been told how important greens are for our overall health from the time we were just little kids. But as we get older, we have tendency to neglect the importance of these vital daily nutrients and forget to incorporate them into our diet. For those of us that struggle to get enough greens and superfoods alike in our diets, Superhuman Greens by Alpha Lion is the perfect supplement to ensure you're getting all those extremely beneficial nutrients giving you the power of over 40 powerful superfoods in every scoop!

    The beauty of SuperHuman Greens is that its benefits are crucial for everyone, whether you're a shredded bodybuilder, an average athlete, or someone who hasn't stepped foot in the gym in a decade. So what are the benefits of Superhuman Greens? Glad you asked! SUPERHUMAN GREENS provides benefits in 5 key areas of overall health: Builds a strong immune system, improves overall digestion, and increases nutrient absorption, provides a huge 6 gram grass and green blend of detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients to fight free radicals, helps your body produce its own natural energy stores to increase daily energy and fight off lethargy, and a digestive enzyme and probiotic blend to increase gut health. SUPERHUMAN GREENS is the easiest and fastest way to supercharge your diet, and ensure you're getting all those key nutrients packed into superfoods!

    * Boost the immune system

    * Improve digestive health and nutrient absorption

    * Over 40 powerful superfoods per scoop

    * Increase natural daily energy

    * Packed with detoxifying ingredients and antioxidants

    * Improve gut health

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving with 14-18oz. of water (adjust to your taste preference) and mix well.


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