Glyco-Slin 90Caps

Glyco-Slin 90Caps

Glyco-Slin 90Caps

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No matter your fitness goal; whether you're training to be the next Mr. Olympia, the next Strongman Champion, be the next great powerlifter, or just getting your body fit and improving athletic performance; taking advantage of the power of the hormone insulin is a key aspect in reaching them. Insulin is a very potent inducer of amino acid uptake and muscle protein synthesis and thus the key to growth and recovery of muscle tissue. Insulin is indeed the most anabolic hormone found in the body. Glyco-Slin amplifies the effects of insulin to make your body need to use less of it. In other words "more bang for your insulin buck." Glyco-Slin works by shuttling carbohydrates (glucose) into the muscles, thus allowing the muscles to store glucose. With the muscles storing this extra glucose less carbs will be converted into fat and athletic performance will be enhanced. Harness the power of insulin and transform your body!

* Amplify the effects of insulin "more bang for your insulin buck"

* Reduce inflammation (inflammation can have a drastic decreasing effect on   insulin)

* Enhance athletic performance

* Decrease the amount of glucose (carbs) stored as fat

* Fuel muscles to trigger lean muscle growth

* A great non-stimulant choice to aid in fat loss

* Increase muscle protein synthesis for more muscle growth and better recovery

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (4 capsules) before consuming a heavy carbohydrate meal. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR (4) CAPSULES DAILY. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.


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