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JNX Sports The Curse! Glutamine 60srv

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Why high-quality glutamine is important for gym-goers and bodybuilders? Although the body can produce the necessary amount of glutamine, intense workouts, and rigorous training can increase the demand for this amino acid, making supplementation necessary for optimal health. L-glutamine is crucial for achieving a wide range of fitness goals, such as muscle building, fat loss, sports performance, and immune system enhancement.

Give the right fuel to your muscles they need to grow huge, and fast. Feeling sore and fatigued can quickly derail a workout; glutamine helps overcome yesterday's damage, allowing you to feel stronger and more energized for today's workout. That is the reason L-glutamine should be at the core of your fitness journey.

The Curse! Glutamine is a very effective Glutamine supplement to create your ideal workout regimen. It is loaded with 60 servings of Pure Micronized Glutamine, which helps rebuild and repair when the muscles need a good recovery phase so you could get back in the gym in no time!

The Curse! Glutamine will help increase muscle growth, expedite exercise recovery, enhance immune system function, promote gut health, protect your hard-earned gains, increase your ability to build lean muscle mass, and promote protein synthesis which means greater gains in lesser time.

• Reduces exercise recovery time

• Prevents muscle soreness

• Supports immunity

• Reduces fatigue

• Promotes intestinal health

• Easy to digest – fast to absorb

Directions: Mix one scoop of the supplement in 8-12 oz (250-300mL) of cold water or fruit juice by mixing it with a spoon.

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