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Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep 40srv

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BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, play a crucial role in athletic performance and recovery. Comprised of three essential amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, and valine - BCAAs are a popular supplement among athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

One of the key benefits of BCAAs is their ability to support muscle protein synthesis. Leucine, in particular, triggers a signaling pathway in the body that promotes muscle protein synthesis, leading to muscle growth and repair. By providing an optimal ratio of BCAAs, supplementation can help enhance muscle recovery and prevent muscle breakdown, especially during intense training or prolonged exercise sessions.

BCAAs are also known for their role in reducing exercise-induced fatigue. During prolonged physical activity, the body's stores of glycogen, the primary fuel source for muscles, can become depleted. BCAAs can be used as an alternative energy source, helping to delay the onset of fatigue and preserve glycogen stores. This can be particularly beneficial for endurance athletes or individuals engaged in high-intensity workouts.

Additionally, BCAAs have been shown to reduce muscle soreness and promote faster recovery. By minimizing muscle damage and inflammation, BCAA supplementation can aid in post-workout recovery, allowing athletes to bounce back quicker and train more effectively.

Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep

Metabolic Nutrition Tri-Pep is a robust BCAA formula engineered to maximize absorption and provide prolonged amino acid delivery. With its unique peptide bonded technology, Tri-Pep takes BCAAs to the next level, ensuring the highest efficacy in every scoop.

BCAAs have long been recognized as a valuable addition to any training regimen, and Tri-Pep amplifies their benefits. Whether you're focused on endurance, strength, or muscle size, these branch-chained amino acids improve recovery, support muscle growth, and elevate overall amino acid concentration in the blood.

What sets Tri-Pep apart is its use of bonded peptides. These peptides enhance glycogen levels, improve absorption, and promote endurance while limiting muscle tissue breakdown. The result is optimized performance and faster recovery. Tri-Pep is also formulated with the exclusive HYDRA-SORB process, which improves mixability and enhances taste when mixed with water or your favorite beverage.

* Promotes muscle protein synthesis

* Glycogen sparing

* Decrease recovery time between workouts

* Boost endurance and athletic performance

* Supports lean muscle growth

Directions: ON TRAINING DAYS: Mix one to two scoops with 12-16 fl. oz. of cold water, juice or sports drink, intra and/or post workout.

ON NON-TRAINING DAYS: To further speed recovery and preserve muscle mass, take one scoop with 12 fl. oz. of cold water in the AM and PM.

NOTE: Tri-PEP BCAAs can be added to C.G.P., T.A.G. or any Metabolic Nutrition pre-workout supplement for added physical endurance, muscle pumps, and increased strength.

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