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Inaka Pre Workout 25srv

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Fuel performance and intensity with powerful, long-lasting energy that can carry you through even the most grueling workouts and training sessions... experience intense muscle pumps that flood your muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients for more endurance, muscle strength, and better recovery... Turn on the focus switch and improve the mind-muscle connection with potent nootropics like L-Theanine and Huperzine A, helping you maximize the results of every rep and set... add strength, power, and force production to every set with a 1,000mg dose of Betaine Anhydrous... formulated to improve muscle endurance and delay muscle fatigue so you can push your body longer, harder, and get the most out of your workouts...

Inaka Pre Workout

INAKA POWER™ SUPPS PRE WORKOUT is a high-performance formula designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts push past their limits and hit peak performance each workout or training session. It was with one key gaol in mind -- to fuel your performance and intensity during the most challenging workouts! With a carefully formulated blend of potent ingredients, including caffeine anhydrous, betaine anhydrous, citrulline, beta-alanine, L-Theanine, and Huperzine A, this pre-workout provides a powerful, sustained energy boost to fuel your performance and intensity during even the toughest workouts and training sessions.

The 200mg dose of caffeine anhydrous per serving delivers an extra push to help you power through your workout, while the 1,000mg of betaine anhydrous helps to improve muscle strength and force production. The 4,000mg of Citrulline delivers intense muscle pumps that flood your muscles with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients, and 2,500mg of Beta-Alanine to improve endurance and delay muscle fatigue, allowing you to push your body harder and longer. Additionally, the inclusion of L-Theanine and Huperzine A enhances the mind-muscle connection, improving focus and concentration during your workout so you can hit every rep and set with peak purpose!

* Powerful, long-lasting energy

* Intense focus and tremendous mind-to-muscle connections

* Boost endurance and delay muscle fatigue

* Intense muscle pumps

* Push your body harder and longer in the gym

Directions: Mix 1 Scoop with water, shake well, drink 10-15 minutes prior to begining activities.

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