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Project AD Grazed Greens

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"Eat your vegetables!" It's a directive you've likely heard your whole life, since Mom served a side of broccoli with your meatloaf or mac-and-cheese. Fruits and vegetables are "nature's vitamin pills," and should be an important part of every meal an athlete eats. Because they contain micronutrients that reduce inflammation, eating fruits and vegetables also helps in recovery from injury. Athletes have to often perform strenuous exercises. Consuming fruits and vegetables will increase and optimize their performance. Fruits and vegetables contain numerous vitamins and minerals which help athletes in maintaining a healthy and strong body. Fruits also help in reducing dehydration and other harmful effects of hot weather.

As we all know, getting the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables can be a real struggle, and this can have detrimental results on athletes and well, everyone for that matter. Grazed Greens is a unique blend of high potency 8:1:1 branched chain amino acid (leucine, isoleucine, valine) for advanced muscle building and enhanced muscular recovery, plus nutrient-dense greens superfoods. Grazed Greens are scientifically designed to support the high demand and teardown that athletes put their body's through week-in and week-out in order to grow stronger, faster, and build more muscle. The unique blend of superfoods including Kale, Spirulina and Icelandic Kelp powder help to control acidity & unbalanced pH levels in the body resulting in better overall health, mental well-being and muscle recovery, while the Training Defense blends supplies natural pomegranate and vitamin c to help your body’s natural immune responses. Just a single serving per day shields the body, enhances recovery time between training sessions, and allows you consistently train at incomparable intensity so you can continue to push your body to the limits.

Benefits & Results:

* Includes 5 grams of 8:1:1 BCAAs for muscle growth and repair

* Enhance muscular recovery

* Boost your body's natural immune responses

* Potent blend of nutrient rich superfoods

* Improve daily energy levels

Directions: As an adult dietary supplement for best results take one serving (1 level scoop 14.2 grams) before, after or with meal. Mix with water or your favorite beverage. The more liquid you use the thinner the drink will be. For a thicker texture use less liquid and adjust to preference. Begin with 1 serving daily to assess digestive tolerance and allow digestive adaptation. Increase to 2-3 servings daily or as required for your dietary goals.

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