Tri-Pharm ReCARBery

Tri-Pharm ReCARBery

Nutrition Faktory

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When it comes to fast, useable energy, we all know that the carbohydrate is king. With the popularity of sports drinks over the past couple of decades, it obvious that the human body wants some form of carbohydrate during intense activity to maximize performance and minimize muscle fatigue. Until now, the average person is spending a fortune overpaying for cheap, low-output sugar-water. The future is in highly-sustainable, low osmolality carbs, with fast gastric clearance and a high molecular weight. This allows better, quicker absorption without any kind of bloating or cramping. A high molecular weight carb means more energy gram for gram; allowing your body to utilize the calories coming in more efficiently for your training and recovery needs.

Tri Pharm’s ReCarbery is a mix of different carbohydrates, allowing maximal utilization of the calories in the most efficient way possible.

• Dextrose, which has long been used as one of the best carbohydrate alternatives to your standard sports drinks, will give you the quick energy and the unbelievable taste that you just can’t get from anything else.

In addition to that, Tri Pharm is paving the way of the future with the specialized, high-branched, cluster dextrin. It is a new type of dextrin that is produced from amylopectin via a cyclization reaction of a branching enzyme. It has several distinct properties that make it superior to alternative carbohydrate products on the market:

• Cluster dextrin works similar to other types of carbohydrate ingredients, but has its advantage in building muscle, burning fat and delivering constant energy.