Nutrition Faktory

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Testosterone is the King of the muscle building hormones, but total testosterone levels don’t mean much for muscle building; to build the kind of muscle that you dream of, you need free, unbound testosterone. But, testosterone alone isn’t enough to build massive muscles – you also need growth hormone, and plenty of it.

You see, muscle building comes down to your hormones. You can eat right and train hard, but you won’t get results unless your hormones are working for you 24 hours a day.

Unfortunately, while most athletes produce testosterone and growth hormones during the day, testosterone and growth hormone levels drop during sleeping periods. As a result, cortisol levels surge and muscle building stops completely. To prevent this and to prevent muscle wasting, you need to take a testosterone and growth hormone boosting supplement prior to going to sleep.

PHASE III by Tri-Pharm was designed to skyrocket your muscle-building hormone production during sleep so that you have more testosterone and growth hormone. Boosting these hormones will give you powerful results: you’ll be bigger, stronger, leaner, and you’ll rest better and recover more quickly from exercise. If you’re not satisfied with “average” muscle gains, then you need to experience the synergy and muscle building results of PHASE III. When you do, you’ll never settle for “average” muscle gains ever again.