Tri-Pharm GOURMET Protein 5LB

Tri-Pharm GOURMET Protein 5LB

Nutrition Faktory

  • $49.99

Available in 5lb sizes and comes in these delicious gourmet flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Swirl, Chocolate Mint Cookie, Strawberry Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Caffé Mocha!

Keeping with Tri Pharm’s reputation of being on the forefront of cutting-edge products and high quality ingredients, you now have a nutritional shake at your disposal that will fulfill all your dietary needs. With one of the best flavor profiles ever created, perfection has never tasted this good; until now! Complete with whey proteins for fast, instantized absorption, use before or after workouts for increased amino acid uptake and more anabolic potential. Additionally, pure egg protein has been included for one of the most complete protein source options on the market today. Highly touted as the most natural option for powderized amino acids, your body will be thanking you with more lean muscle and less body fat. Lastly, slower-digesting casein protein has been incorporated for those times of the day when meals are just not an option. A slow, stream of constant nutrition will ensure that no matter what daily endeavors you take on, your body will never be lacking the essentials.

Tri Pharm’s Gourmet Protein is great for:
Pre-Workout nutritional needs
Post-Workout muscle recovery
A meal replacement when breakfast or lunch aren’t an option
Liquid dietary needs for “gastric bypass” surgery patients
Athletes or fitness enthusiasts on a resistance training program
Blending with your fruits or greens for a healthy snack
Supplementing added BCAA’s in every shake