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Get Your Supplement Sample Box for $9.99!
Get Your Supplement Sample Box for $9.99!

Tennessee Pre 20srv Bealestreet Blueberry

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Tennessee Pre Ingredients "More than great flavor"


#1- Creatine Hydro-chloride- 5 Grams- The most researched supplement in medicine. Known for its muscle building abilities and ability to increase strength. Expect to add 2 reps to you current PR! We went with hydro-chloride instead of mono-hydrate to prevent the bloated look for those nearing contest prep or leaning up for that awesome beach bod! Also hydro-chloride is more soluble and better absorption.

#2- BCAAs- 4 Grams- Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. This preworkout is stacked with 4g of BCAAs! Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle and muscle growth. When you work out you tear the muscle down. Pushing BCAAs into your muscle while it is breaking down allows for it to grow back stronger. This also saves you money. This amount of BCAAs in a stand alone product will cost between $15- $20. It is already included in the all-in-one complete formula of Tennessee Pre.

#3- Betaine- 2.5 Grams- Facilitates the synthesis of proteins and helps bring water into your muscle when working out (osmolyte). Works in synergy with Creatine Hydro-Chloride.

#4- Citrulline Malate- 6 Grams- Increased muscle pumping, greater blood volume, enhanced amino acid/creatine assimilation and growth hormone production, and faster recovery. Works in synergy with Creatine Hydro-chloride and BCAAs.


#1- Caffeine- 250 Milligrams- The most important ingredient in a preworkout. However, not so much stimulant that you feel like you are tweeking on meth. This has the same caffeine of 2 cups of coffee and will have you alert and ready to go. It also speeds up your metabolism and helps burn fat cells instead of glycogen.

#2- Isopropylnorsynephrine- 10 Milligrams- Stimulant in very small dose. This is a fat burner and will help with focus and alertness. Also, helps burn fat cells instead of glycogen.


#1- Beta Alanine- 3.2 Grams- Body uses it to produce Carnosine which reduces lactic acid and increases performance. The main thing you will get from this is ENDURANCE! You will last longer in the gym: more sets, more reps. After working out, you will find yourself ready to go back to the gym in an hour instead of dragging all day. The dosage was kept to 3.2 to prevent the “prickles”.

#2- Glutamine- 5 Grams- typically found in intra or post workout drinks. We added this to decrease the amount of product you have to buy to save you money. Glutamine helps repair the body. Taking it in a pre-workout will increase endurance and aid in recovery.

#3- Taurine- 1.5 Grams- ENDURANCE. Helps you fight fatigue in the gym. It also helps with focus. It has been shown to increase cognitive performance and a sense of well being. Some of our reviewers have reported this sense of well being lasting 3-4 hours after the workout.