Superhuman Gut 90Caps

Superhuman Gut 90Caps

Superhuman Gut 90Caps

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Our gut -- also known as the digestive system, or digestive tract -- a group of organs that work together to control digestive activity, determine the wellbeing of the heart, kidneys, brain, and keeps our bodies healthy. The gut contains over 500 varieties of bacteria. The bacteria in the microbiome help digest food, regulate our immune system, protect against other bacteria that cause disease, and produce vitamins including B vitamins B12, thiamine and riboflavin, and Vitamin K, which is needed for blood coagulation.  Your overall health can be severely impacted if your gut's bacteria is knocked out of whack. Since 80% of our immune system resides in there, it's absolutely crucial to maintain a good balance of bacteria within your gut.

Superhuman Gut is a complete gut health support system formulated with clinically dosed ingredients to maximize proper gut health, and ensure that system of organs are performing their duties optimally. This formula combines hearty doses of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics to help enhance your immune system support and optimize immune system function, maximize the efficiency of your entire digestive tract, reduce symptoms of GI distress and alleviate gastrointestinal issues (such as heartburn, and bloating), and increase the production of good bacteria while reducing the growth of bad bacteria, Alpha Lion also added in a robust blend of digestive enzymes to increase nutrient absorption, boost digestive health, and help relieve gastrointestinal issues, along with AstraGin to increase absorption and bioavailability ensuring you're getting peak benefit from this sensational formula!

* Boost immune health

* Increase overall gut health

* Reduce gastrointestinal issues like gas and bloating

* Increase nutrient absorption, daily energy, and endurance

* Promotes a healthy gut microbiome

Directions: Take 1 capsule with food, 3 times per day.


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