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Stimulant Free Muscle Building Essentials Stack

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Transparent Labs Creatine HMB 30srv
Transparent Labs Grass Fed Isolate 30srv
Transparent Labs Stim-Free 30srv
Transparent Labs Krill Oil 60softgels

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All the essentials you’ll find in the standard Muscle Building Essentials Stack with BULK swapped for STIM-FREE. This stack is designed specifically for those looking to increase strength and lean muscle without any caffeine.

Inside this stack you’ll receive:


Inspired by PreSeries BULK, STIM-FREE was designed to offer an advanced level performance increase without the use of caffeine and other stimulants. STIM-FREE stands on its own, containing more raw stimulant-free ingredients than BULK or LEAN, including creatine HCL.


Great tasting protein is easy when you start off with high quality, clean sourced milk. As the name implies, 100% Grass-fed whey isolate is direct from 100% grass-fed cattle. That means a better nutritional profile and amazing taste, all without the need for artificial sweeteners.


Creatine is single-handedly the most effective strength enhancing product available. When combined with HMB, research suggests it works even better. For the Stimulant Free Muscle Building Stack, Creatine HMB is an essential component for ensuring that you make rapid progress towards your muscle building goals.


Advanced training puts a great deal of strain on the body and mind. Your joints take on greater loads, your digestion adapts to more material, and your brain must power through it all. Krill Oil is our favorite solution for giving your body more of what it needs to combat demanding conditions. Krill Oil is rich in the same fatty acids as fish oil, only you assimilate them significantly more easy. That means no fish burps and only two tiny gel-caps a day.

The Stimulant Free Muscle Building Stack is designed to be the one stop solution to increasing lean muscle without caffeine. This stack is discounted $18 less than buying each item individually and qualifies for free US ground shipping.