R1 Essential Amino 9 Energy 30srv

R1 Essential Amino 9 Energy 30srv

R1 Essential Amino 9 Energy 30srv

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Essential amino acids are compounds that play many critical roles in your body, including, maintaining and building new lean muscle mass, the building of proteins, the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters, boosting athletic performance, improving mood, stimulate muscle growth and regeneration, energy production, and protein synthesis. In other words, for athletes essential amino acids are exactly that... essential!! R1 Essential Amino 9+Energy by Rule 1 is packed with all 9 essential amino acids, electrolytes, and caffeine to give the body the nutrients needed for overall better performance and recovery, to keep the body hydrated during your workout and rehydrate you post-workout, and 130mg of natural caffeine to keep you alert, improve focus and concentration, and boost energy levels!

Benefits & Results:

* 7.5 grams of essential amino acids

* 5 grams of BCAAs

* 500mg of electrolytes for hydration and better muscle contractions

* 130mg of caffeinated Tea Leaf Extract

* ZERO banned substances

Directions: Mix one (1) scoop of R1 Essential Amino 9 with 8-12 oz. of cold water or your favorite beverage. Total Caffeine Content: Approximately 125mg per one (1) scoop.


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