Primeval Labs Mega Pre 40srv

Primeval Labs Mega Pre 40srv

Primeval Labs Mega Pre 40srv

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Want a pre-workout that will boost performance and improve training minus all the stimulants? Introducing Mega Pre from Primeval Labs. Mega Pre is a meticulously formulated pre-workout with research-backed ingredients proven to improve strength, power, performance, and time to exhaustion. Clinically dosed with some of the best vasodilatory and cell-soaking ingredients available, including L-Citrulline, Glycerpump, VasoDrive-AP, and betaine. On top of that Mega Pre also includes several ingredients to support energy production and focus including elevATP, choline bitartrate, and Huperzine A.

Benefits & Results:

* 6g L-Citrulline and 300mg L-Norvaline to enhance nitric oxide production, blood   flow, and muscle pumps

* 2g GlycerPump to improve stamina and cellular hydration

* 150mg elevATP to increase ATP production for greater performance

* Choline Bitartrate and Huperzine A to promote laser sharp focus and   concentration

* 254mg VasoDrive-AP to guard against vasoconstriction

* No stimulants

Directions: Take 1-2 rounded scoops of product in 10-12 ounces of water 15-30 minutes prior to training. Start with 1 scoop to assess tolerance. *May adjust water levels to taste*


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