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Looking for a daily multivitamin to ensure all micronutrients are met, but also provides additional benefits? Introducing Multi by Blackstone Labs. Multi is formulated to deliver a wide spectrum of vitamins to help maintain a healthy immune system, bone health, cellular health, aid in any nutrient deficiencies, and also aids in testosterone support! If you're training hard, Multi will also fill in any gaps in your nutrition to ensure athletic performance doesn't suffer and your body is operating at optimum levels to continue to get stronger, faster, and better! Prevent nutrient deficiency and support testosterone supremacy with Multi!

Benefits & Results:

* Supports Healthy Immune System

* Helps Balance Nutrient Deficiency

* Aids in better testosterone production

* Fill in any gaps in your nutrition

* Bone health

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take three (3) tablets with food. Do not exceed (3) three tablets daily

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