Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie

Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie

Nutrition Faktory

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Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie Chocolate Chip has been a crowd pleaser since day one. This great tasting vegan cookie has no animal products, no dairy products and no preservatives. With 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, 0 grams of trans fat and 0 grams of cholesterol, you can see why Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie is the perfect, healthy snack. You might be wondering one last thing - why is it called The Complete Cookie? Because Vegans everywhere say "You Complete Me!" after taking a bite!

  • 16g Protein
  • 6g Fiber
  • 0mg Cholesterol
  • All Natural
  • Vegan
  • High Protein
  • No Dairy
  • No Eggs
  • Good Source of Fiber
  • No Cholesterol
  • No Trans Fat
  • Nothing Artificial
  • No Sugar Alcohols
  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Kosher

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